Mark Brandon is the Managing Partner of First Sustainable (, a registered investment advisory catering to socially responsible investors. In addition to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), he may opine on social venturing, microfinance, community investing, clean technology commercialization, sustainability public policy, green products, and, on occasion, University of Texas Longhorn sports.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Add Your Feed to the "Headlines from the Green Blogosphere" Tool

Click Here To Go Directly To Request Form

If you're reading this, you probably saw the "Headlines from the Green Blogosphere" tool on another site. If you would like to have your feed added to the Green Bloggers Meta-digest for syndication, please visit our request form. The current feeds in the digest are:

Natural Newswire News and Press Distrib...
Environment News Service
Sustainable Log
Enviropundit: Green Building Blog
Kathryn Cramer
The EcoStreet Blog
City Hippy
Triple Pundit
Alternative Energy Stocks
the greener side
Musings of an Eco-Entrepreneur
Mutualist Blog: Free Market Anti-Capital...
Dirty Greek
Goto Reviews
After Gutenberg
A Suburban Treehugger
Alternative Energy in the 21st Century
Sustainable Middle Class Blog
Mission Measurement
Alotta Errata
The Green Geek
Greener Magazine
The Conscious Earth
Jetson Green
The Virtual Factory
The Energy Blog
Alternative Energy News
Organic Passion
The Temas Blog

The Good Human

Please let us know the url of your web site, and the url of your feed. Only green and sustainable living sites will be considered, and you have a much higher likelihood if your site is also displaying the tool. Click here to get the code for displaying the tool.

There is no charge for incorporating your feed, and there is no advertising inserted into the headlines. The container has an ad for my firm, First Sustainable, which caters to socially responsible investors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance you could add an OPML file for these? That would make it easy for people to subscribe to the whole lot at once (if they wanted to).

11:29 AM

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hi-- great tool-- however, it would be even better if the headline links spawned a new window, so that we're not driving traffic away from our own sites!
Thanks so much, Jenn

9:27 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing the "green" info arena. I agree with one of the other comments that having it open a new window is definitely the way to go to not drive visitors away from the primary site they're visiting.

1:44 AM

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Any chance you could add an OPML file for these? That would make it easy for people to subscribe to the whole lot at once (if they wanted to).----

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